The best sexual positions to do with your VIP Escort

Sexual positions strengthen the passion and sexual desire of anyone, especially when those classic postures that shine for being simple are put into practice, as well as those that require more effort but are worth it. Of all the positions discovered, many are among the most recurrent regarding having sex, characterized by feeding the imagination and requiring some training.

If there is something that abounds in the VIP escort industry, it is sexual positions; designed to go from the most intimate to the wildest. However, you don't always have to look for the craziest positions to have the best sex; instead, consider the handful of traditional poses you may not have considered.

Sex is a great way to maintain a good relationship with a Vancouver escorts, but when this practice becomes monotonous, It is usual for your girl to lose interest. Not all intercourse is you on top and she on the bottom. You can experience pleasure at other levels with a wide range of possibilities.

the missionary

One of the most common sexual positions when having sex is the missionary, known to be the most comfortable for both parties. In addition, it is the easiest to have an orgasm; because the weight of your body will rub against the pubic area and the clitoris.

For this position, your partner should lie on their back with their legs slightly apart; while you kneel facing forward and vary the pace of penetration. One of the most rewarding features of this position is that it allows you to change the angles between both pelvises, modifying the penetration depth.

The wheelbarrow

The wheelbarrow is a sexual position that allows deep penetration and helps stimulate the clitoris; In it, your escort independent will be placed face down (holding her forearms on some surface) while you remain standing, holding her legs. To facilitate balance, you can bend your knees a little. Here, you will be the one who determines the rhythm and intensity!

The little spoon

It is one of the most exciting and requested sexual positions. The reason? In addition to being comfortable, she is romantic and passionate. Because it gives rise to caresses and kisses, it allows vaginal and anal penetration and does not require much physical effort. In this case, both will lie on their sides on a surface; Then, you will hold your partner by the hips while you penetrate her.

The butterfly

The butterfly is a sexual position that will fulfill many of your sexual fantasies; since it can be carried out on a table, countertop, washing machine, or any surface that comes to mind. To perform it, your mature escort must lie down on a raised surface, allowing deeper penetration. You can stimulate the G-spot and get much more pleasure if done correctly.

the cowgirl

This sexual position is characterized by the woman being on top of the man, which makes penetration much more pleasant. The key is to make your Best escort lean on her feet and knees; then, without jumping, start moving back and forth. You can give your partner balance by holding their hips as they move.

Sexual positions are undoubtedly one of the best methods to get out of the monotony, relive the passion with your partner or enjoy an exciting encounter with a VIP escort; it is only necessary that you dare to new sensations that raise the pleasure to the maximum.